About Us

Welcome to IV Gardeners Inc.

IV Gardeners Incorporation founded in 2018, is a raising Book Publication house as well as the distributors of some of the best Global ranked Publications world-wide, fetched in our arsenal. And with its impulsive name dictating 4 Farmers (founders) in a farmland of huge educational land, we harness the best of Knowledge with our members over 20 Years of experience.

4G has its roots strongly planted in Rajasthan and Delhi combined, dealing in medical and non – medical books in India. It has a wealth of books with considerable strengths in the field of Medical, Science & Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences, General. Our personality lets us bring the best of knowledge to every genre of readers/educators making it available to be the book store of choice for Doctors, Engineers, Techno-crafts, Corporates, Scientists, Academics, Students, Scholars. And since being a Publication houses of this modern world our vision is as far as the limitless sky with the youth being the backbone in its developing interface to its media and exceptional experienced pillars that servers a light in the dark, making our way to success.

When it comes to 4G’s motto its basic to the down core, i.e. if you have that author in you wanting to spread and influence their knowledge’s perfection then we are here to let the world hear you.

IV Gardeners Incorporation looks forward to the purchase of Rights for overseas publications for the purpose of translation in the English language, co-authorship, adaptation, and undertakes co-publication.

Remember Knowledge is Power.

Our Associates

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